SONY FE 300/f2.8 GM

The lens that has surprised me the most. Yes, where should I begin…. This is undoubtedly the Sony lens that has surprised me the most, a lens that continues to surprise and impress me every time I use it. When I received confirmation that Sony would be releasing a 300mm telephoto lens, the joy was […]

Lenses in Different Price Ranges, Hidden Differences.

When planning to acquire a new lens, you quickly discovers through some research that there are significant price differences between different optics, and sometimes it may even be the case that you can find the same lens with two entirely different price tags. But then the question arises: is it really the same lens, or […]

Focal length for wildlife

What focal length and what optics should I buy to photograph wildlife? Which is the best? It’s one of the most common questions I get, so I will try to explain a bit about how I think about this and hopefully I can help and guide you in the search for the best optics for […]

SONY FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS Ⅱ

The new Sony FE 70-200/f4 G OSS version II, a versatile lens that surprises with its size and weight. The 70-200 range is my absolute favorite for landscape photography, especially when including a person as an important part of the image. I was thrilled to hear that Sony was releasing a new version of the […]

SONY FE 24/f1.4 GM

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