Private Mentorship

Do you want the opportunity to take your photography to the next level?

Together with me as your personal mentor, with online coaching and exclusive private online support.
Tailor made and individual customized programs adapted to you and your goals.

What the Program Includes:


  • Explore different ways to create interesting compositions.
  • Learn to rely on your instincts and train your eye.
  • Discover techniques for composing with the sun and moving subjects.

Camera Settings

  • Master manual settings.
  • Get familiar with your camera’s features.
  • Understand the interplay between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Focal Lengths

  • Learn how different focal lengths impact your photos.
  • Choose the right focal length to enhance your images.


  • Achieve proper exposure in various conditions.
  • Learn how to balance different lighting situations.


  • Discover the benefits of ND filters.
  • Learn to use polarizing, ND, and graduated ND filters.


  • Develop your editing skills.
  • Receive technical advice to enhance your workflow.

Wildlife and Landscape Photography

  • Understand the preparation involved.
  • Learn best practices and responsibilities.
  • Gain insights into achieving success in these genres.

Program Options: Our mentorship programs are flexible and designed to fit your schedule and learning pace. Whether you prefer a short, intensive experience or a longer, more gradual approach, we have a program that suits your needs.

Exclusive Benefit: During your mentorship, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any of our guided photo tours or workshops.

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