Wooden Tray - Reindeer and the Moon

Wooden Tray

Elevate your dining experience with our uniquely crafted Wooden Tray, proudly handmade in Sweden. This exceptional piece not only serves as a functional addition to your home but also showcases a breathtaking glimpse of the pristine nature in the northernmost reaches of Sweden.

The image is skillfully captured in the heart of Northern Sweden and transports you to a world of calmness. Handpicked for its sustainable and durable qualities, the tray is made from locally sourced birch veneer, embodying the essence of Swedish craftsmanship. The smooth, polished surface combined with the handy 31 centimeters in diameter enhances the vividness of the photograph while providing a sturdy base for serving your favorite delights or showcasing decor in a truly distinctive manner. Embrace the essence of Northern Sweden in every corner of your home with our Wooden Tray. Each piece tells a story of nature’s grandeur, bringing a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your living space.


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